Maria Sipes

Scientist, Microbiologist

Maria Sipes

Antibiotic Producing Bacteria; Self-resistance

The ultimate source of many of these genes is almost certainly the actinomycetes that make the antibiotics and therefore need self‐protective mechanisms to avoid suicide. How do they ensure that they are resistant at the time when intracellular antibiotic concentrations reach potentially lethal levels?   Antibiotics, as typical secondary metabolites, are usually not produced during […]

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Guide and passenger strand recognition by Argonaute protein

Argonaute protein is involved in RNAi, it recognizes and binds to siRNA duplex, cleaves and removes passenger strand, and allows guide strand to scan target mRNA. Argonaute (AGO) proteins have 4 discrete folding units: N-terminal: Acts as a wedge. PAZ domain: contains a binding pocket, anchors the 2-nucleotide 3′ overhang of siRNA like duplex. MID

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