mRNA Vaccines; Protein Replacement Therapy

Nucleic acid therapeutics have emerged as promis­ing alternatives to conventional vaccine approaches. The first report of the successful use of in vitro transcribed (IVT) mRNA in animals was published in 1990, when reporter gene mRNAs were injected into mice and pro­tein production was detected. However, their application has until recently been restricted by the inefficient […]

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The deployment of antibodies as antiviral agents has progressed through a number of stages over the years, corresponding to increasing levels of potency of the reagent administered. Passive immunotherapy began with immune serum over a century ago, then progressed to polyclonal antibodies, then mAbs and now into highly potent human mAbs called as super-antibodies. Super-antibodies

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Difference between HLA matching and DNA profiling

a. HLA = Human leukocyte antigen, typing is a method to determine how closely the tissues of one person match the tissues of another person. Human leukocyte antigens are proteins you inherit from your parents. Together, your HLA proteins, or markers, make up your HLA type. We currently know of more than 2,500 different HLA markers.HLA typing is used to match

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