Tips to prepare for the GATE by self-study

Keep two things in mind:

  1. You have to qualify GATE.
  2. You have to face written &/or interview after qualifying GATE.

So, your approach should be having at least basic knowledge of your subject and having deep knowledge of syllabus.

  1. Study according to syllabus first. Prepare short notes.
  2. Solve section/unit/topic tests simultaneously.
  3. Study weak unit/topic first, overcome your fear of those topics and questions.
  4. Solve previous year papers, starting from recent ones.
  5. Solve mock tests.
  6. Have at least 1–3 strong topics for interview. Prepare from beginning.
  7. Don’t leave a que/problem, because you can not solve it. Try it or ask it or search it. Study whole topic of that que.
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Alok Sharma
6 years ago

Nice post, very informative.